Thursday, December 26, 2019

Tiny Horses and First World Problems

      I really get a kick out of the new Breyer shrinky micros. There are horses I might actually keep just because they are tiny. I don't necessarily like them full sized, but tiny makes them better. It makes a lot of things better. I also super love really detailed miniatures. I went out to Westfield Walmart again the other day, specifically because they have these. I grabbed a whole bunch, didn't feel any of them up, and ended up with (I think) a full set, other than the chase piece. I have a couple of the others already. I also have a bunch of extras that can be prizes during my next live sale. Because prizes are fun! And micros are fun! And micros as prizes should be extra fun!
      As a lot of people know, Joan Yount is a really good friend of mine. We email each other every day and we chat about whatever is going on. This week we had a theme of our first world problems. One of my FWPs was I broke a shelf support in my freezer. Because I had way too much meat in it and I forced a frozen piece of meat out of the way, pushed the shelf too far, and snapped the support. So... I had to buy a new freezer shelf support because I had too much food. That is definitely a first world problem. My parts came in, the fix took about 20 seconds and I have spares in case I do it again. 
      I got to go and see Tracy the other day and get my hair cut and bleached so I could make it unicorn colored again. I was complaining to Joan about how long it takes to do all the foils and the mess I make. But seriously, while I am very far from rich, I have the money to buy the colored conditioner and the time to put in the color. And Tracy would have done it for me if I had brought the conditioner to her house. I do really love how my hair came out. Even though this was after a second session with foil and colors. I had spots after the first round that did not take well. This look was Tracy approved!
      Recently I have been watching RuPaul's Drag Race and Jeffree Star videos on Youtube. There is a lot of makeup involved in both. I wear makeup often. Not every single day, sometimes if I am not going out at all I won't bother, but even though I am on vacation I have wanted to wear makeup. And I have wanted to shop for makeup. Continuing the theme of first world problems is I can't choose what to get. I noticed that my eyeshadow collection is mostly earth tones and smokey colors. Apparently my makeup is firmly stuck in the 90's, with a 2010's twist. When I was out the other day I picked up a Rimmel eyeshadow palette. It had several shades of purple and a teal and some other fun colors. All of a sudden I am inspired to try more colors! Here is me channeling Miss Piggy. I think she wore it better. 
      Rimmel is not a bad brand at all but the eyeshadow I got is not very pigmented. I am wearing several layers of several purples in the above photo, and it doesn't show all that much (and I did use primer and a very light color of Urban Decay as a base). So I am back to the search. And my first world problems. Even though it is not Thanksgiving I have been really grateful for a lot of things lately. I have fantastic people in my life, a house to live in (with apparently too much food), heat, etc. I have a job with excellent coworkers, a hobby business with really excellent and supportive customers. If my biggest struggle in life is figuring out which brand of purple eyeshadow I want to spend my money on I am doing really well. Or maybe I just want to look at all the positives. It seems when I focus on the good instead of dwelling on the bad, everything seems better and easier. And I am OK with that. 

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