Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Muffins and Gifts

     After I made the dried cranberries I thought it would be nice to put them in a muffin. So last weekend, when I was cooking up the rest of the leftover turkey (fry it in butter, it is amazing!) I decided that the cranberry muffins would go really well with that. I took the chocolate chip muffin recipe  and replaced the chocolate chips with the sugar free dried cranberries I made. And they were really good! I may order some unsweetened dried cranberries to use in muffins or breads. The sugar-free-but-sweetened ones are very labor intensive. And I hear that unsweetened is just fine in baked stuff. So maybe I will try that out. 
     In other news, thanks to the help of two Santas that read my blog, who sent me some money to help with the Giving Tree gifts, I managed to get several gift cards for whoever my person is. There are still stars on the tree so I am considering splitting the cards up so two people can get a gift. Something is certainly better than nothing after all. Thank you Santas for helping me make this happen. 
      I was at the doctor on Monday and I found out I managed to injure my pectoral minor. Which is pretty hard to do. It will heal, but rest is what it needs. Which means I can't hold anything on that side. Which means I have to just switch all the weight to my right arm and hope I don't also injure that one. Elecktra let me borrow her (very cool) messenger bag while I am healing. It has a cross-body strap so hopefully that will help. It will be nice if I can stop hurting all the time. Though it is nice to know the cause of the mostly constant, sort of throbbing pain near my left collar bone. I hear knowing is half the battle. 

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