Monday, December 16, 2019

The Soldier and Live Sale Loot

     I'm done with the ordered dolls from my Black Friday live sale. The last one was this civil war soldier that I finished up last week. I like how he came out. The absolute hardest part of this doll was his hat. They are an unusual shape and it's tricky to get them right. But he's done and the other ordered dolls are done and I am happy. I don't like to keep people waiting. 
     Speaking of live sales, I got my loot in from Sara Bowman's live sale. I'm really happy with it. I love live sales, of many kinds. Even though I didn't always. I would stress a bit about maybe missing out on what I wanted. Now I just figure, I don't need to get all the things all the time. But I am pretty zen about most things these days. 
     Flash in the Sky is happy to have her very own halter now. Though she, and Mocha Latte, will be happy to eventually get their own nameplate halters some day. For now, she is happy to have this lovely sparkly black halter. I think it looks excellent on her. 
     I need to figure out who to put the dog collar on. Not Abby, she wears a blue collar. Real Abby always had a blue collar. I do have a hound that I think it would look good on. I have to find where I put her. She may be in the props tote that lives in the back of the car. When I find her maybe she can hang out on the shelf with Abby. And maybe she should get a name. So far of all my model dogs, and I have quite a few, only Abby has a name. It might be time to pay a little bit more attention to the dogs. I have a Rottweiler with a collar, Abby has a collar and the nameless hound (probably) has a collar. I might need to spend some time making dog collars soon. 

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timaru star ii said...

I have never seen a halter like that! proving, I suppose, that even tackmakers don't see everything there is to see. Yes, she does look good. :) As to naming, I love naming all my horses. Current favs are Alzucar and Rapadura, both names for Mexican sugar (dried cane syrup)(Piloncillo).

Food, place names, music and geology are great sources.