Tuesday, December 10, 2019

More Live Sales!

     After my Black Friday live sale, Sara Bowman said she was going to try out the selling format too. That made me really happy because I happen to really love live sales. It will be wonderful if this can become a trend for the model horse hobby. Sure, not everyone can get to a live feed when it is on, and if they can the connection might have issues, but not everyone is going to get to a print ad before it is gone. I have missed out on SO many things because someone got to them first. No matter the format it is generally the first person to claim it that gets it. 
     I was out and about on Saturday doing a variety of errands with Travis. We went to Marshall's to buy some sweaters and fleeces, since LHS is super cold. I also needed to get a gift card for the Giving Tree gift. The girl at the register asked me if I work at Ludlow and I said yes, but I think she didn't hear me or thought I said no. We went back and forth for a bit, and then after she said the woman she is thinking of has brown hair and the ends are dyed and she is pretty sure she is a para I told her that is most definitely me then. I have no idea who she is though. But she knows who I am. At least sort of, lol. 
     After that Travis and I headed over to an estate sale my aunts were helping to run. This was the biggest one I have ever seen! I meant to go on Thursday, but I totally forgot about it. I think my brain turned to mush because of the weird week. First we had snow days Monday and Tuesday and then Travis had the half day on Thursday, which I was reminded about on Wednesday. I barely had any idea what day of the week it was most of the time. 
    Anyway, I was home before 3:00 which made me happy because my plan was to watch Sara's live sale. I am glad I did. It is definitely more relaxing to watch a live sale than to host a live sale. My first purchase was a galaxy sparkly dog collar. I didn't have any particular dog in mind for it, but maybe it will go on my hound. Sara said it will fit the hound. 
     I took a bunch of screenshots of the things I bought (after the sale was done, I went back into the video for them) and it didn't matter how many I got, Sara always looked super cute in every one of them! I make some wonky faces! I actually paused my video and searched for individual frames where I didn't look goofy. And it was tricky. I took some random screenshots, while the video was playing, and Sara always looked good. I love this look especially. She was showing a galaxy sparkle halter that is the same material as the dog collar I bought.
      I wrote it down and thought about it for a little bit. But I can always use nice halters. I am slowly working on getting a nameplate halter for every one of my horses. But that will take time. So for now a couple of them have other halters (Mocha Latte is wearing a NaMoPaiMo halter) and some have no halter at all! I think this one will be for Flash in the Sky. And in case anyone missed that tip, it is nice to have a notepad and pen/pencil handy when watching a live sale. Take some notes on things you love (what they look like, the number) in case your plan is to just claim everything you like right away. And if that is your plan, do it! It is really helpful for knowing what you are thinking about as well as what you have actually claimed. 
      I also bought a pair of black sport medicine boots with silver tabs. I don't know if these will be for me or for part of my model horse gift exchange gift. I will decide later. I will also have to check my tack box and see if I have black SMBs already. Sometimes I buy things I already have. Oops. I have a lot of ideas for my giftee. I am trying to keep myself in check, but it's hard sometimes. 
      There was also a western bridle I thought a lot about buying, but I really do need to keep myself in check. So I bought a few things, partly because I love them and partly because I wanted to support Sara's sale. I really do love this selling platform and I am glad to see another model horse hobby live sale. I hope they keep happening, they make me happy. And the interaction is a ton of fun!
     So I have been thinking I will have another live sale, maybe for my birthday. Which in case anyone is wondering is March 29th. Though I would probably do it on the 28th and save my actual birthday for me. I still have things I can give out as prizes, and I really do love doing prizes, and I am likely to find a lot more I can add to my prize stash in the next several months. I have some more ideas on how to streamline the selling process and make it easier to keep track of everything. Elecktra said she would be happy to help me out next time, so I have some new plans that I think would work well, and a volunteer. Until then I will keep on making plans and watching for more hobby live sales!

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