Monday, December 23, 2019

More Pigs and Good Coffee

      The other day we went out to more antique stores and indoor flea markets. This, surprisingly, was the only Breyer I saw in two different stores. I didn't pick it up, but from this one side it looked to be in at least fairly good condition. Was it worth $35? I have no idea. Maybe to someone. 
I also saw a ton of pigs. Again. 
     I'm starting to think that pigs are the new cows. Cows used to be the thing to add to country decor (I think.)
Some of the pigs clearly had no purpose other than decorative. 
     This pig was cute, and may have been a bank. Or it may have been solid, I didn't check. It would go with pretty much any color scheme though. 
     The little flying pig may have been my favorite
     It was a very lazy, tired sort of day for me. I was unmotivated and would have gladly just stayed at home doing nothing if Ethan had not suggested going out to the stores. When we got back I made some of the new Tiny Footprint coffee I was gifted. The beans are so shiny!
     I don't drink a lot of hot coffee these days, but cold brew takes at least 8 hours so I decided to have some hot coffee and put the new micros on the shelf. It was a nice, mostly lazy day. Full of pigs of every shape and size and some really excellent coffee. 
     I did manage to finally find enough doll work motivation to get the jockey doll rebuild done. So I have passed one really big hurdle! Now I need to cut out and sew the clothes and do all the rest of the things. Sooooon. 


ShamrockFarmsInc. said...

I LOVE this picture of you! Cozy with ponies! :D

timaru star ii said...

I like the balancing of pigs and coffee. That might end up at some very tasty mocha ham.