Friday, December 20, 2019

Coloring, Prepping, Endless Sewing Prep

       One of the classes I am in is anatomy and physiology. The other day I ran into the teacher in the copy room and he told me that the kids were just going to be doing review. Which means I didn't have anything I had to do (since I am a scribe and take notes). I offhandedly said I should have brought my coloring stuff. He told me that he had some anatomy coloring books I was welcome to get into. Well how cool is that!? And not only did he offer to let me color in these very informative coloring books, he said I could keep them if I wanted. I looked through them and decided that they were similar enough I would just keep one of them. 
     And then I colored a femur. After that I started studying. I am fascinated by the body. It has always amazed me how everything (usually) works and works together. I really enjoy the class and learning new things, being reminded of some things I already knew but forgot, and having the opportunity to do research and fact checking to help add to class discussions. The kids come up with some really interesting questions. Sometimes neither the teacher or I knows the answer. So he keeps the discussions going and I research. It's nice to be useful. And when there is nothing to do, I will color. 

       When I got home it was back to prepping. My hands are tired from all the sanding so I decided to pull out power tools to work on the breyers. I took off (most of) the rest of the horns with this and then also did the logo removal and some seam sanding with it. It made everything go so much faster. I did do a once over with sandpaper after, but this was a big help. 
     A handful of partially prepped Breyers waiting to get finished. It was time to set up for priming again. 
      I brought out even more horses to my primer drying station this time around. It was not precipitating or windy, just cold. But I kept the primer can out on the porch with the models so didn't have any issues. After that last round of primer I am finished prepping Ballycor and she is ready for NaMoPaiMo, and I finished some of the minis and most of the micros. I did see a few more issues that need seeing to, I have some stubborn unicorn horns that are not quite gone, and I found some pinholes on a couple of models. But I am getting much closer. And I will have so many options of things to paint!
      I also spent a ton of time working on sewing prep. I am making Hello Kitty bowl cozies for Crystal. Because she asked me to. And when your bestie needs you to sew stuff for her, you do it. Eventually. Part of what was delaying me for so long (I can't even remember how long...) was the fact that getting them ready for sewing takes kind of a long time. Lots of measuring and then cutting, pinning, marking where the darts go and so on. I think it was at least 45 minutes of prepping. Then I need to remember to switch out my thread from invisible (plastic) to cotton. I am hoping I measured everything correctly and they come out well. We'll see. 
     The other thing I managed to do was more coloring. But this time it was on my coloring sheet for the Mares in Black coloring contest. I am pretty sure I have no shot at winning seeing as their are likely to be a lot of full time artists that choose to enter, but I love coloring, and coloring horses is fun. I have a bit more to go on it and then I can scan it and send it in. My scanner is not high quality so I am not sure how well it will come out. Maybe I should scan it at school and email it to myself. That is an option. 
      I've got some doll plans in the works, more snow is coming, school is canceled and I have more Christmas movies to watch with Travis. I think I am just about done with Christmas shopping and I think my model horse gift exchange package should arrive to my giftee on Thursday. I'm excited for that!

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