Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Down to the Wire

     The run up to a live sale is super busy for me. I work every day, at least for a bit, for easily a month. There are days when it is hard to keep at it and there are days when other things get in the way. Yesterday Elecktra called me needing a ride to the vet's office to pick up medicine for the dog. Well, I get that. So not much doll work got taken care of. I did work on some sets of saddlebag stuff. Those have been pretty consistently popular and I was glad I didn't forget to make them. It was not my only plan for the day, but I was glad to at least get that project finished up. 
      I have made a lot of different kinds of casual dolls for my upcoming sale. I did also finally make this pair of western pleasure dolls. It was a bit rough getting them done, again, stuff got in the way (including me being really tired and unmotivated) but they are finished. And I think they are fun!
      The other day I also remembered that all of those casual dolls really could use helmets. But I don't want to limit people to just black. I made a bunch of black ones and then 5 in fun colors. And no one has to buy a helmet, but I wanted them to be an option.
     Today we have an IEP meeting for Travis and since it is at an awkward time I took a personal day and decided today is the day I will also go and renew my drivers license. It was not something I wanted to mess around with on my birthday and I have been warned by friends that the process of proving you are who you say you are is tricky for the REAL ID. I went through the application process online last night (and made my actual appointment weeks ago) so I THINK I am all set. I have my documents gathered, nothing is a photo copy... hopefully I can get this taken care of in one shot. Not like getting Travis his ID, lol! Which I ended up having to just get him the standard ID. Nothing is ever easy. Anyway, my goals for today are take care of the IEP meeting, renew my license, see about getting a bunch of doll work wrapped up and/or work on my preview catalog blog post, since I want that to go up tomorrow. I feel like I need to get at least most of the blog post done and then if I can finish the other dolls I am working on they can also get put in the catalog. Otherwise... description and placeholder pic! Oh, and brace yourself for some pretty bad pics because I don't have a lot of time to try to get nice ones. 
     So as a reminder, my Birthday live sale is Saturday, March 27th at 2:30 pm EST on my Facebook Studio page. My actual birthday is on Monday. I will not be 29, for anyone who is curious, lol!

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Susan said...

So looking forward to the sale!