Sunday, March 21, 2021


      Not only was Friday a good mail day, but so was Saturday. You already know that I got Little Elecktra in the mail. But I also got my mini Brio and mini Mira home from Angelica Anzelmo. I am really pleased with them. This photo is terrible but the horses are gorgeous. One of these days I will get some good photos of them. Today is not that day. 
        I did actually get into fixing up Little Elecktra almost right away. At first I started by trying to just remove the old hair and rehair the head. That was just not working. So I got out a new head and started from scratch. I rehaired her head in the way I have been doing the full hairs lately. I think it looks good. I decided Little Elecktra also needed to have a messy bun. It is real Elecktra's most common hair style recently. 

       The photo is not super, but her hair looks really good! And while the bun is "messy" it is not super messy so I think she will be great in show photos still. I know that a lot of people like to use Little Elecktra in their show photos when she is at their house. I am getting a kick out of seeing her in all sorts of different show photos. 
      She now has some nice, new glasses. I took the "deluxe" glasses from Classic TV Toys and I painted the frames. I think these are frames Elecktra might wear. 
        I am really glad that I had Little Elecktra stop by for a quick visit and some updating. Now she will be off to go do some more visiting. Soon. 



ELauer said...

Top notch update! Love the glasses.
Little Elecktra looks like she's ready for some more, new adventures.

Lynn Isenbarger said...

She looks great! Can't wait to hear about her future adventures!

Braymere said...

Those glasses are great!

timaru star ii said...

I can't help wishing I could go back home and get a new head once in a while. "Heading off" for some new adventures, is she... Those new glasses are beautiful, many generations better than some old wire ones I once made.