Saturday, July 17, 2021

Breyerfest Day 2

     Today was the second day of Breyerfest. The day started out with insane humidity and basically stayed that way. Sometime fairly early in the day I got a text from my friend Marci. She and her son, Charlie, were heading to the Brimfield Flea Market for a few hours before the next storms came through (it has been raining for a long time). I hadn't figured out anything specific I wanted to do for the day, so I headed out to meet up with Marci for a bit of the Breyerfest experience. There were a lot of people, a lot of humidity, horse shaped objects (some of them Breyers), tents, and friends. Marci and I both happened to wear our Breyer Ambassador T-shirts. We stopped in to visit my aunts, Deb and Yvonne, at their sales tent. A friend of theirs noticed Marci's shirt, commented that Yvonne's niece dresses the dolls, Marci turned and pointed at me, and the woman said something to me about "I was just telling your daughter"... so Marci is now my daughter. Both of us laughed a lot about it. It means Charlie is now my grandson. I don't think Marci looks that much like Elecktra, but maybe I was just looking old yesterday. I posted this pic on Instagram and Katy Niles said she's used to my amazing eyeshadow looks but she likes this just as much. No a speck of makeup on! Meeting up with Marci was definitely a great start to day 2 of Breyerfest!
     I headed home around noon and Ethan, Travis and I went to play basketball. That is not something we have done before, but definitely something I would do again. After I tape up my ankle. And maybe my knee. But it was fun. We played for a bit and I said I needed to stop and get out of the sun. I didn't want to be that old lady that overdid the exercise in the sun and threw up or passed out. So we headed out to do some errands. 
     When I got home I checked into some Breyerfest stuff. I did manage to catch the raffle results, though I did not win the Saturday raffle either. That is OK, the horse was nice but I would have just sold it. 
I watched the celebration of the horse...
Which was amazing!
The young girl on the top of the people pyramid is just 11 years old! I have never been that brave!
     Once the live feed from the day was loaded as pre-recorded I went in to watch. I skipped everything that I saw yesterday so I didn't spend 6 hours in front of the computer. 
     I found the segment with Jackie and Heather, which was quick again, but definitely a lot of fun. It really is amazing how they took their idea for a model horse podcast, made it happen, and then made it huge. I look forward to every new episode. 
      We also got to see a nice close-up shot of Astrid, who is the second premier club horse for this year. Members of the club were able to choose whether they wanted matte or glossy. I chose matte, because that is always my preference, but this horse looks amazing in gloss! Actually I have been tempted by a glossy Josie. And I definitely don't need one. This horse will definitely be staying with me when I get her. She is going to be an excellent performance horse!
     I did not do as much actual Breyerfest stuff on day two as on day one. But I did get a bit more of the in-person Breyerfest experience. I was outside, in the humidity, with my friend. And then outside some more. There was a lot of sun (until there was a lot of rain) and a lot of sweat. I made sure to hydrate. I did watch some of the Breyer content, which was great, and I caved and bought the little plushie. He's such a cutie. One day left. Tomorrow we get to find out if Auction John will be coming back, we get to find out the contest results, it will be a pretty great day I am sure! In the morning I have the 5K. Currently it looks like I am doing it in the rain. Maybe I'll take up mall walking...


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