Thursday, July 15, 2021

Happy Breyerfest!

     Today is the first official day of Breyerfest 2021. Though my shopping started last Friday with Barefoot Appaloosa Studios sale. My halter from that should be delivered today if USPS doesn't decide to keep it. But the big rush of artist sales started, for me, Wednesday night. Stephanie Blaylock listed several pieces for sale. She said they would be listed one right after the other and all you had to do to claim them was comment "me". I really love the simplicity of that, I might see if there is a way I can steal that for my sales. Probably not since I don't list items singly. I COULD, but then one really fast and determined person could technically claim them all. I have a bit of time, I'll keep thinking on it. 
      Anyway, I don't own any pieces by Steph Blaylock, she does amazing work and I really loved a couple of the pieces she was offering. The dappled gray came up first and I loved it and quickly typed "me" but then refreshed the page and my claim was fifth. Too slow. Then the chestnut came up and I typed in my "me", refreshed and there were 8 comments! Somehow I had been the fastest and this little lovely chestnut is going to come and live with me. Traditional scale Croi was not something I was interested in but the mini ones are really awesome! I also have Croi in crystal. Anyway, I am really pleased with my first Breyer "weekend" purchase.  
     I spent quite a lot of yesterday checking out different artists sales. I had alarms set for all of the ones I wanted to make sure to get to. I missed one because I was at work and when I checked the site there was nothing there. So either I didn't look in the right place or I just missed it. Then I was super thoroughly prepared for Jennifer Buxton's sale. And because of a weird thing with Etsy and how the pages load from "favorites" I missed out on everything I wanted. I could see that there were multiple items in the shop, but I could only see one, two, or none, just numbers. And the numbers kept going down but I still couldn't get the listings. Apparently you have to "update" the shop to see everything. Well I do own quite a lot of tack by Jennifer Buxton so missing out was definitely not the end of the world. And I was really happy my friend's fears were unfounded. I knew she would sell everything, and quickly!
     I popped in to a couple more sales during the afternoon, while also trying to get some work on a complex western pleasure doll. I saw a lot of really nice items. I didn't see anything I absolutely loved and needed so I decided to wait for Kylee Parks' S.T.A.G sale. I knew Kylie had things I wanted. She also had a really awesome and fun video which was a Wizard of Oz spoof. It was so funny! And well done. I was very impressed. I enjoyed the video and then went back to the shop to... shop. Kylee had said the limited items would load every 10 minutes to give people a fair chance at them. I really wanted a Poppy (the micro sleeping foal medallion) and they are open ordering but there was a site glitch that was showing them as out of stock. While I waited for that to get fixed, and for Mushu to be listed, I looked at the Cyclone T-shirts and decided I could totally rock a red Cyclone T. Even though my preferred T-shirt color is black, I do really love red. Eventually Poppy came up and I put one in my cart. They come in a variety of colors, and you will just get a random color. But they come in pink, so clearly I am hoping for a pink one. I did also manage to get a Mushu, which is a portrait model of Kylee's bull terrier, Mushu. Kylee is going to be having a prompt based photo show for anyone that bought a Mushu and I am really looking forward to it, and to seeing what the prompts are! I hope I can manage to be creative.
     So I definitely started my Breyerfest shopping early, but I have not gotten super crazy or anything. I bought a horse, a dog, a halter, a micro medallion and a shirt. Today is the first day of Breyerfest though. I will most likely buy my special run models (though I am still not totally sure about them, and I guess it depends on which of my ranked choices I get drawn for), some of the Breyerfest swag is cool and I do want a couple/few things. There are other artist sales today as well. And the Open Show results should be up at noon! I am so excited!


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