Monday, July 26, 2021

Versatile Dolls

      Versatile dolls are not a new concept. Many people over the years have wanted a doll that can do a lot of events. The problems come up when you try to make removable items to change up a doll's look. Many removable items end up out of scale and then the doll looks sloppy, no matter what class she is being used for. A doll that does work out is a casual/working western doll. This casual lady can be used for a variety of scenes. With her hat also being removable she can also make an excellent prop for many more classes. 
     With the addition of removable cutting chaps or chinks she can do even more. Now she can go in many working classes that require chaps. You could also do ranch pleasure. 
       In general I still prefer a different doll for each type of class. It's nice not having to try to change doll clothes. I know it is not always feasible to have a doll for everything. I myself have cutting chaps to add to my casual dolls for working classes. Some things don't work, but a casual/working western doll is a versatile doll that works out fairly easily. 
     I am officially changing the date of my live sale to Sunday, August 15th. Ethan's new(ish) work schedule gives us very little time together and Saturdays are now family days. My sale will be on Sunday now. I will settle on a time asap. 

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