Sunday, July 11, 2021


      I stopped selling on Etsy because I don't like their fee schedule. Though almost every selling platform is similar now. It also never worked particularly well for me. I would list things and they would sit and sit. I do have to say though, it is an excellent platform for buying sought after items from a studio sale. 
    Friday was the first of my Breyerfest purchases. Barefoot Appaloosa Studio had their Breyerfest sale. I had an alarm set and got into the sale fairly quickly. Not as quickly as I would have liked, I was prepping steaks for the grill and couldn't leap into buying action when my alarm went off. Then my phone, which was the most convenient device to get to etsy quickly, wasn't showing the shop page right away, just showing that there were 21 items available. Grr. I really wanted the braided halter that I saw in Katherine's in progress pics. It was really unusual and just something I wanted. I also wanted a dog harness and I hesitated and tried for a set of dog toys as well. Well, never hesitate at one of these sales. When I got signed in to Paypal and back to my cart, the dog harness I wanted was sold, the toys were sold... so I took those out of my cart and went back to the shop to see if I could get the other dog harness. Nope, also gone. I thought about a couple of the bridles and then realized I just needed to hurry up and check out before my really cool halter was unavailable. I managed it! The really unusual braided halter will be mine! I am definitely glad I snagged this one (photo is from the Etsy listing). 
      In other Etsy news, I put in a large tiny rosette order the other day from The Winner's Circle. These are the mock-ups of the Fall show rosettes for the Field of Dolls Online show. We have the overall champion and overall reserve champion, plus the top 5 rosettes. All very cool. I also decided to add 6 random prizes for... I am not sure what yet. I took the idea from Danielle's Why the Chicken Crossed the Road photo show. She had them as "good egg" awards. I will give them some other name and think of the designations ahead of time. But more prizes are cool. And I think these rosettes will be a lot of fun! The pic is Cassie's mock-up of the rosettes and the purchase was made possible by a very generous show donation from Susan Hargrove. The shows really could not happen on the level they do without donations. I am incredibly grateful!
     Next weekend is Breyerfest and I have many more alarms set for Breyerfest sales. At least one other is on etsy, and I am going to have to make sure I am properly ready for it. I will need to be signed in to paypal and ready to put things in my cart and checkout at lightning speed. I also need to make sure I know when all of the other sales I want to get to are happening and have a plan. The alarms are great, until they go off and I don't remember what they are for. Anyway, it is Breyerfest time! And I am excited!


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