Sunday, July 4, 2021

Hoodie Dolls

      Hoodie dolls continue to be popular. Probably because they are realistic. So many real people wear a hoodie when they go to the barn. These ladies all look like they are cranky, annoyed, or judging us for something. I was really hoping for a pleasant faced doll. Maybe some day. I do at least like that I took the time to fiddle with them so they don't look doll-like. Just angry. 

     I am thinking of making some more casual English dolls for my live sale. Maybe without hoods and with half chaps. I do have "zip up" hoodies that will be available, and having a doll not wearing a hood already would be good. And after redesigning the half chaps pattern I am thinking it would be nice to make some more dolls in half chaps. I haven't committed to anything just yet. 

    I am going to try very hard to make some saddle bags this week. I really hate making saddle bags. I want to have at least a few done for the sale. Maybe if I just get them out of the way that will work. Like eating your vegetables before you can eat dessert (I actually like vegetables though...).


timaru star ii said...

So what's wrong with liking vegetables? Sounds like a win win to me... Saddlebags are so useful. I've never owned any, which is a pity.

Emily said...

the second doll on the left has like the exact same colour hoddy as my barn hoddy. .