Friday, July 9, 2021

Saddle Seat

     It's funny how things kind of go through cycles for me. I think it has been over a year since I have made a saddle seat doll. I don't love making them. I am not really sure what it is about them. Maybe all the steps involved in making them. I really don't know. But I don't love to make saddle seat dolls. Recently I was asked to make a saddle seat doll by two different people. I don't mind them, But I really have to talk myself into them. The lady rider was easy in comparison to the guy. I don't actually have a saddle seat pattern that fits the large type S male rider doll. So I had to mess with it and make it work. I also often forget just how much taller the male doll is than the Yvonne-type doll. Anyway, even if I don't love doing them, I got a couple of saddle seat dolls finished. A couple more dolls I can move to the finished section of my order book. 
     Yesterday was not a bad day. I got to sleep late because there was no school. I had a fairly relaxed morning and eventually got into some doll work. I went and got a message, which is not a fun time, but it is helpful. Deep tissue massage sometimes hurts a lot. But I am working through some different issues and having some success. Some days I don't hurt at all. Even though my doctor hints that I am just old and it's to be expected. I got to hang out with Ethan some, and even though it rained a lot, again, it was a good day. I managed to snag the halter I really wanted from Barefoot Appaloosa Studio during their Breyerfest sale, and that was excellent! Hopefully I can get a lot done next week and then next weekend is already Breyerfest! I am really happy I am not doing any sort of Breyerfest sale. 
      I also kind of want to know, how did we already get to July 10th???

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