Monday, July 5, 2021

Small Offerings

      Sometimes I feel like I should focus on the small items for my live sales. You can order a doll from me any time you want, I take custom orders. What I won't do is take custom orders for my small offerings. I don't know what it is about them, they just really stress me out. Especially saddle bags. Those are a huge pain to make, have so many steps, take a lot of time, and pretty much end up almost not worth my time to make. But people really like them so I always try to have at least a few sets of saddle bags at my sale. 
     One of my newer items is bareback pads. So far people are into them, the pad portion is not super simple to make, but it is not excessively hard to make. The new single buckle design is a lot quicker. I still won't do custom orders for bareback pads, but at least I don't dread making them. So far.
    I do make removable helmets for custom order. I currently have 2 types of really nice helmets available to me. I have the newly available style from KC's Galloping Gals, which can be removable as-is, but would do really bad things to re-rooted doll hair. I could remove the factory straps and add others, which is not out of the question. The other helmet option is this style from Rockin W Ranch. They are really nice helmets, Michelle can print them in a variety of colors, and they are not torture to add a harness to. Pretty much the only size I keep in stock is the Yvonne-type doll size, but Michelle can print them in a variety of sizes. 
      It's the beginning of the month, which means my latest micro from Maggie's Monthly Micros has arrived. June's offering is Chaos Mode, who is a little lesson pony that decided walk-trot was just not interesting enough (I believe that is what it says on the card, lol). He's cool, but I still have a ton of micros I need to move out. My collection of unpainted has grown quite a lot. I am offering this little guy for sale. $40 plus shipping. Currently I have a bunch of micros listed in my Not Going to Breyerfest, Clarion Facebook "room" (I am room 511) and this guy is in there. I may offer my extra micros at my live sale as well. But if I have something you want, claim it now. I can and will likely even hold it for you until my sale. 
    In case you have missed it, my live sale will be August 14th, I have not settled on the time yet, though they are usually in the middle of the afternoon (eastern time). I am still debating on time though. These are just a few of the small offerings I will have at the sale. I also will have hoodies, backpacks, and likely several other types of things. I just need to talk myself into making them.

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