Monday, July 19, 2021

Breyerfest Open- Lady Intrigue

     Lady Intrigue is one of my oldest performance horses. She has been retired, more than once, and has earned a superior event horse award for therapeutic riding, among other things. I decided to bring her out for some photo showing again this year. She did alright at Breyerwest but I wanted to redo most of her show photos. She still did not do well in the show at all. But she is fun to show! And since I know people like seeing show photos, regardless of placing, here are all of Lady Intrigue's Breyerfest Open photos. Enjoy!
Other Performance-lunging, no placing. 

Scene-therapeutic riding, no placing, this is an ancient photo!

Other English-Parent lead-line class, no placing

English Trail, no placing.

Hunter over fences, handy hunter, no placing. 

English pleasure, no placing. 

Dressage, 10th place

English showmanship, 1st place

western games-tennis ball relay, no placing

Other western-western dressage, no placing

western trail, no placing

western pleasure, no placing

western showmanship, no placing (I love this photo!)

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