Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Going to the Dogs

        I don't make a ton of items for dogs. There is not always a large call for them in the hobby, being as people are mostly into the model horses, but recently I missed out on a dog harness from Barefoot Appaloosa's Breyerfest sale. I bought one from another artist and then remembered something I wanted for years. I always wanted to get Abby (real Abby) a dog pack. We used to do a lot of hiking and getting her her own backpack (or doggie saddle bags) would have been a lot easier than me carrying everything for both of us. I never did get around to getting Abby a dog pack, but that doesn't mean I couldn't make tiny Abby (or her friends) a dog pack. I went down the rabbit hole of dog vests and found a variety of things I really liked. Including the vests for search and rescue. So clearly I had to make a working vest for a search and rescue dog. 
      But since I also like things to be as versatile as possible I made the pouches (which do not open) removable. The sets will also come with a tag that says service dog. These sets were designed from several different real service dog vests. 
     I do seem to be obsessed with things that have pouches these days. I am still planning on making pommel bags, though I don't know why, things with pouches are also making me crazy. Even when the pouches are just simulated and don't open. The pink vest was my prototype and currently the purple, red, yellow, and orange will be the sets that I will offer at my live sale. If I ever actually finish them. 
     Speaking of dog items, I got into more work on the dog bed sets I have been making for a bit. I usually choose the colors for the beds based on what color bowls I have (I get mine from HandcraftedByKari on etsy) and whatever fabric I have on hand. 
      The extras vary a bit depending on what I have on hand for dog toys. But they always include a ball, a bone, a bag of dog food (with food in it), a bowl, some other sort of toy, and a rope toy that I totally forgot to do for all of these sets until I just looked at this photo. I will have to make those. 
      I am starting to catch up a bit on having the smaller items available for my live sale. Soon I may even be able to stop freaking out about it (lol, sure I will!)

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Ann B. said...

Oh, these are wonderful! I know I will be keeping my fingers crossed to snag one of these sets. I show model dogs and this is the Bomb!