Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Breyerfest Open- Apocalyptic

     Last year when Breyerfest went virtual because of the pandemic, the open show went virtual as well. This was the first time I could even consider showing in Breyerfest Open. The only problem is I don't have a lot of traditional scale Breyer horses. I bought Purdy Zippin Chick before Breyerfest, partially because I loved her on sight, and partially because I really wanted a custom Breyer so I could show in the Breyerfest Open show in the custom division. Even though I found out Chick could not show because she had previously won a champ or reserve at Breyerfest, I bought her anyway. But the idea to have a custom Breyer stayed with me. This year I set up a trade with Julie Brooks to make me a custom True North with a lowered head. Which is how I got Apocalyptic. Apocalyptic is the name of a Halestorm song. And actually, Bring the Mayhem is named (partially) for the Halestorm song Mayhem, which was the very first Halestorm song I heard on the radio. I immediately loved the band and have been buying their music and naming horses in relation to them ever since. Come to think of it, I also named a horse Lizzie. But I have explained enough of my horse name references. 
     Apocalyptic did not do super well in the Breyerfest Open show. But considering the classes were ginormous, and he placed multiple times, I can say he didn't do horribly. Here are his show photos. Enjoy!
Jumper, 7th

English Games-horseball, no placing

English trail, no placing

Hunter over fences, 8th place

huntseat pleasure, 8th place

Dressage, 4th place

English Horsemanship, no placing (I really like this photo!)

Roping, no placing

Western games- barrel racing, 7th place. 

Other stock work, no placing

Other western- western riding, no placing

Western trail, no placing

Western pleasure (and western horsemanship), no placing

Parade, 7th place

Other performance (or scene...) Jester performance, no placing

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