Friday, July 30, 2021


          As I said yesterday, or the day before (I lose track of the days) I have been making progress. I finished this second western pleasure doll this week and I love everything about her. Modifying the doll faces is not always easy and it doesn't always work well. But I really like how this lady's face came out. I absolutely LOVE the way her show top came out too. This was another Geometric design that I just started a piece at a time and kept going to see where I ended up. I really like where I ended up with this doll. She is one that I am strongly considering keeping. But I already have a doll in royal blue, black and silver. So she will be offered at my live sale on August 15th. 
     Unlike the lime Western pleasure doll I showed off yesterday, this lady has a slightly different design to the back of her coat. I really do love everything about how this doll came together. She makes me really happy. Not every doll does. But this one I just can't stop looking at. 
     Yesterday my car was in the shop to fix a handful of things. Broken AC (I mostly don't care, except when it rains...), some brake parts and other routine maintenance. It was expensive. A lot of things have been expensive this summer. In some ways it freaks me out. So I guess I will just have to use that fear as motivation and get more work done. I have also used it to delete so many emails with offers of "free" stuff when you spend $X on the website. There is nothing I need at the moment. And I am going to keep reminding myself of that. And if you have to spend money to get it, it's not really free, lol. 

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