Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Time to Play

      Last Saturday I posted some photos (on Instagram and Facebook) of Crystal and Ellie working on some projects. People seemed to really enjoy the 1:9 scale dollhouse photos. I set up a room with a few sheets of craft foam. The side and back walls are thicker foam, taped together at the corner, and stand fairly well on their own. The floor is a thinner piece of craft foam. The cost to make this "room" was under $3 and works extremely well for setting up photos. It is also pretty easy to store a few sheets of craft foam. 
      First I set up for some craft room photos. Crystal was working on some horse painting and Ellie was going to finally stain the coffee table that I got from Terri Wright. 
The desk was also made by Terri, as was the lamp. The chair was made by Rockin W Ranch.
The floor lamp was also made by Terri, the pastels on the top shelf plus the can of primer and jar of Liquitex modeling paste were made by Carrie Sloan. 
     The stain I use is actually from a stain marker, which I have found to be the easiest way to stain small items. 

I thought this was a fun shot. It also gives a really good view of my "Dust Pony" painting by Daphne Headley. The plaid chair was made by Terri Wright. 
     The longer wall I used for this scene made it much easier to fit in more of my furniture. The tall bookshelf, the coffee table, both side tables, the lamp and the couch were all made by Terri Wright. There is a Garfield book on the coffee table that Allison Pareis sent me after Little Elecktra went to visit her. The pink and black afghan was made by Melissa Riley. There are a couple of horse books on the coffee table made by Jennifer Buxton. 
My little dining room scene was not as well thought out as it should have been. The unicorn sign is behind a lamp (who does that?) and the walls are in general a bit bare. 
     I did put kitchen type items on the shelf at least. And I got to use some of the miniatures I won in Danielle Feldman's Why the Chicken Crossed the Road photo show. The pretzels may have been just for 6th place, but they are perhaps my favorite class prize! The chips and mug of coffee with fancy cream on top were also prizes. 
     Lastly I set up a bedroom. This time Ellie got to have a room. If anyone remembers Crystal's room from the last time I set up my 1:9 scale dollhouse, they will realize it is a very similar room. But not identical. I wanted to have my pink tote and Yeti cooler in one of the scenes (I have a lot of really cool miniatures!) so perhaps Ellie is packed up for a live show. Clearly she is not a performance shower! Though now I am thinking that I totally need a micro tack room full of micro tack. Why do I hate myself? The bed frame was made by Katy Niles. 
 Ellie has a nice collection of My Little Ponies, her book collection is kind of a mess, her models size barn seems to be missing the horses (maybe they are packed for the show) and it's a little hard to see, but she has a sewing machine on the bottom shelf. 
     I used the unicorn sign and the magical unicorn book in all of the scenes. The bottle of glittery unicorn dust was in either all or most of the scenes (it's on the shelf next to the books). 
     I had a lot of fun setting up different scenes for the dolls. I took a couple of hours just to play with miniatures and had a good time. There were plenty more miniatures that didn't get used so I will likely find another time to play and set up more photos. I hope you enjoyed them. 



Lynn Isenbarger said...

I LOVE scene set-ups like these! And this My Little Ponies - where did you get those??

Anne Field said...

Lynn, the My Little Ponies are from The World's Smallest Toys collection. I think I got them on ebay or Amazon (or both).