Thursday, July 22, 2021

Breyerfest Open- Just A Theory

      I've mentioned a few times this year that I had a dual plan for Just a Theory when I made him for the Breyerfest Best Customs Contest. I wanted a nice, calm horse for therapeutic riding, which is a very important event to me, and I wanted a really versatile performance horse. Just A Theory did not win the BCC, I would have been shocked if he had after I saw the 3 entries that did win, but he turned out to perfectly fit the bill for my second goal. He is an excellent, very versatile, performance horse. 
     The first horse I talked about in this series was Lady Intrigue, who is an excellent performance horse and the oldest I still currently have. She only placed in 2 of her classes. Bring the Mayhem placed in 6 of his 14 classes. My other custom performance horse, Apocalyptic, placed in 6 of his 16 classes. Just A Theory, who I made myself, placed in 12 of his 15 classes. Occasionally he placed pretty well too. I still seem to be missing that special something that makes a photo show entry stand out, and I may never figure out what it is, but I am incredibly pleased with how this little horse did in the Breyerfest Open show. I even did some shelf shuffling so he could come out of the pantry. Please enjoy my Breyerfest show photos for Just A Theory. He made me really proud. 
Other Performance-therapeutic riding (also my Best Customs entry...), 5th place

English trail, no placing

Huntseat pleasure, 9th place

Dressage, 6th place

Huntseat equitation, 8th place

roping, 4th

Western games, no placing

Other stock work-team penning, 8th place (oh that doll calling for a manager...)

Other western-Extreme cowboy, 6th place

Western trail, no placing

Western pleasure, 10th place

Western equitation, 5th place

parade, 3rd place

Other performance-endurance, 4th place

Scene, 2nd place

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