Monday, July 12, 2021

The Old Hard Drive

          About a year ago my old computer died. It just decided not to turn on anymore. I knew that most of what was on the hard drive were doll photos, most of them a bunch of angles of a bunch of finished dolls, definitely not something I needed many of. I print out one (or two if they have removable extras) of all of my finished dolls and have them in a binder. But there were probably some photos on there that I didn't have in another place, that would be fun to have. 
       Like this photo of the little girl doll playing with her model horses. I know I took this for a photo prompt that Jennifer Buxton put together on her blog. Which also means its possible that this photo is somewhere on Jennifer's blog. I don't remember what the prompt was, but I do like this photo. 
    This was a photo that I worked really hard on, a really long time ago. Do you know how hard it is to get two Breyer dolls to look like they are looking at each other? It's quite the challenge. They were also sitting on a doll sized picnic table, but their butts were hovering. Cropping saved this photo. It's one of my favorites. 
     I also found this photo of a custom horse I was working on! I had forgotten all about working on customizing this horse. I was putting a Gem Twist head and tail on the Breyer jumping horse. I don't believe I ever made it any further than this. I don't even know if I have the parts anymore. 
     Recently I have been obsessively thinking about pommel bags and thinking that I really need to make some. What a good idea! Apparently that is also something I have already done. I don't remember when (the dates didn't transfer with my photos) but this was definitely something I made. But I don't remember for who. This is also not the way I want to make them now. I have ideas. It is going to happen. Soon(ish). 
     So how did I manage to get these photos, and many others, that I thought might be lost? Ethan did some computer magic. He pulled the hard drive from my old computer (after he determined the power switch was in fact the issue) and did a couple of different tricks until he found a way to get me the photos. I deleted thousands, I really don't need a million photos of dolls I have made, but I kept things like Elecktra's graduation, birthday parties, and Elecktra's graduation party. And a handful of other random photos I don't have in another place. A lot of things I didn't need, but it was nice to have back the 600 or so that I wanted to keep. Now to get back to thinking about pommel bags. 

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