Saturday, July 31, 2021


      I am still plugging away on live sale items. I try not to do too much on the weekend, but I did work on some housekeeping. I went through my doll drawer to clean and sort. I really had no idea what I had. I mean, I knew some of what I had, but now everything is sorted and I have a much more exact idea of my dolls. I have a lot of dolls. So many different kinds of dolls. But mostly Yvonne-type dolls. I also went through my fabric drawer and sorted that. I had a lot of things I didn't realize I had. I also have now confirmed I am low on black fabric. These are all good things to know. 
     Saturday is the only day of the week that Ethan and I have off together. Since the summer program is half days (for me, not for Travis) I do get to see him a little bit every day, but mostly our day is Saturday. The weather has thankfully been super nice the past couple of Saturdays so we just hang out on the front steps and talk. It's really nice. It is not going to be fun when it gets cold again. Yesterday he was playing (one of) his ukuleles. I did not know he knew how to play Fur Elise. That is my favorite song. 
    So this hunt seat lady is going to be available at my live sale, August 15th at 2:00 pm eastern on my studio page on Facebook. I also, finally, have some saddlebags in the works. 

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