Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Over Fences

     Hunt seat dolls are not incredibly challenging to make. For the most part. They do not have elaborate outfits and I have made them so many times they are pretty easy. But to make them really well does take some time. The Yvonne type dolls are the best dolls I have ever worked with to make hobby dolls. They are realistic, very articulated, and in general just great dolls. But for over fences they need some extra work. I used to only add bendy necks to dolls by special order. But I feel it is pretty necessary for over fences, so now a bendy neck is standard on all of my hunt seat dolls. They also get extra dremel work in the leg sockets. Otherwise it is impossible for them to get into a proper jump position. The extra body work helps. They are still not totally perfect for over fences, but they come close. 
      I meant to make a random hunt seat doll to add to my live sale offerings. But I messed up the coat. Twice. For a simple doll there is a lot of precision involved. So I didn't make an extra hunt seat doll for my live sale. Maybe soon. I have most of the outfit cut out and just need to cut out (another) coat. 
      Work has been interesting this week. I was late on Monday, which really threw my day off. But Travis's bus was SUPER late coming to pick him up. They have been late every day so far, and getting him to school late every day. So I called and I talked to someone and it sort of sounded like Travis gets pushed off if there is anything else a bus is needed for. Not cool. I was really polite, which seemed to work well. The man I spoke to said he was going to have a talk with the scheduling manager and see if something could be worked out so there was more consistency. I hope they will start consistently picking Travis up on time. 
     This new para position is definitely different from anything else I have done. As a para. As a mom a lot of it is super familiar, even if it's been a while since I have needed any of the skills. Currently I am trying to work out a way to help one of my students learn a particular skill. The really cool thing is the teacher seems not only OK with it but glad of the help. What is this world I have fallen into where paras are treated like real people? I should be careful not to get used to it. I also want to note that that last bit was only (partially) a joke. I have some excellent teachers I work with at the high school that treat me as an equal. And I have some that go between treating me like one of the students or their personal secretary. 
     It's almost Breyerfest and I imagine it will be time to stop doing almost anything that is not Breyerfest related. Or maybe I will do some doll work at the table while I see what is going on online. We'll know soon. 

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