Thursday, September 16, 2021

Prototypes and Progress

      I almost didn't write this post. Not because it is a touchy subject or anything, but because I thought I had already written it! I'm glad I went to check last night, or there would be no post today. And who knows when I would have time to write it. Anyway, as the title implies there is more about prototypes. The next new thing is the tiny "catnip" mouse toy. It is more like rat sized, but teeny things are even harder to make than just regular small things. So we have some BIG catnip toys. 
      And I made a whole bunch of them! They were kind of fun to make and I think they turned out super cute. I still need to make some feather toys for the cats, but I am making progress. 
     Here's another view of the little mouse. All of the ears were hand cut circles (it's so hard to cut things that small) and are not really identical. But handmade items can have character. And kitties can chew things and make them less than perfect. Cats do that sometimes, don't they? I have never actually had a cat so I don't know what they do with their toys. Other than hide them under the couch. 
     I also finished up a bunch more cat beds. My plan is to have 8 cat sets at the next sale. I have the 8 mice finished, the 8 beds, and I have 8 cat dishes and litter boxes ordered. I need to make feather toys, cat food bags (with food) and I think that is it for them. At least for now. There are, again, a lot of pieces to the sets. I am vaguely considering selling the cat and dog beds singly, a few of them, but I am not even sure how to price anything individually. I know I am likely not charging enough for the sets to compensate for my time as it is. So who knows. I'll keep thinking on it. 
    School was not bad yesterday. I decided I am going to have a positive attitude. The only thing I have control over is myself. Not what students I work with, my schedule, or any attitudes outside of my own. So lets see how this goes. Happy Friday everyone!


dorsetdawndesigns said...

Love the rainbow dotted bed 😻 Where did you get your cat from? He's gorgeous x

Niki said...

Cats do that sometimes, don't they? I have never actually had a cat so I don't know what they do with their toys.

Cats do so many bad things to their toys.

This is a good example of one my previous cat's favorite toys. The one on the left is the old one and the right is the new replacement (what the one on the left started out looking like.

The more they like a toy the more they wreck it.