Thursday, October 14, 2021

Beautiful Things in the Mail

     I get a lot of packages. Sometimes I even feel bad about it because I have spent a whole bunch of money on all of these things. But then I remind myself that not everything is actually for me. I buy a lot of supplies for doll and miniatures making. I buy miniatures for parts of sets, the miniatures club, and mystery boxes. Some things definitely are for me though. My gambler's choice Croi came from the stablemate club a few days ago. And I was very happy to see that I got the one that I wanted most. That sort of thing doesn't usually happen to me, so this was definitely cool. 
     I also got a package of pink awesomeness from Grace Newhouse. A while back I saw a post with a whole bunch of super awesome things Grace had made, including a fly sheet and mask, tiny fly swatters, everything looked wonderful! So I sent Grace a message and asked if she took commissions and if I could potentially order a pink set. She said it would be a bit, she had other things to make first, and I said I was fine with waiting. Then I forgot what I ordered, blinding paid for it when it was time, and didn't get any spoiler pics from Grace. So when I got the package it was a surprise. And boy was that fun! I still need to put the stuff on a horse, but I need to finish judging the Field of Dolls Online Fall show before I can play with horses. I already spent last Sunday taking show photos for myself after all. 
     I have been really good about not buying makeup lately. I own a lot of it and I don't NEED any more of it really. But I also don't NEED more miniatures, tack, models, etc. I resisted this palette for a while (in case anyone is interested it is the ColourPop "It's a Mood" palette. To be honest I likely have similar colors to all of these in different palettes. But this one was calling to me. So I decided I am going to do the one week/one palette challenge again. Not like this one doesn't have enough colors to play with. And likely I will use it for more than a week. Then maybe I will pick a different one for a week and so on. I need to either use what I have or get rid of it. 
     I have been slowly making things for my next live sale and picking away at judging the show. I am still hoping to have the livestream on Sunday. But we are not there just yet. 


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