Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Letters Home- More Projects

      Continuing my series of my doll, Little Elecktra, and her visit to friends all over the world she is still visiting Terri Wright in Canada. All of the photos and most of the post are by Terri. 

     Hi Mom!
          Today Emmie showed me the lounge expansion area that they will be finishing as part of the bridle tree barn raising project in December. Are we doing anything? (I am currently not sure of my level of motivation or creativity for December) It sounds like a fun project!
     The walls will be bricked and they will paint the windows and install lights in the ceiling and floorboards. 
     Then add the trim pieces and furniture. We really should make a room box. (where would we put it???) This one is going to look so amazing!
     I'm learning about so many types of tack that I have never seen before! These are projects that Emmie has been working on for a long time. She has done many hours of research to ensure they are accurate. The first is a Scottish Eriskay Creels pony set she is working on. 
      The baskets are designed off real baskets and completely hand woven, The baskets hang off the wooden frame that is tied onto the ponies and loaded with harvest and items from the fields, 

The second is a replica of a Roman cavalry four horned saddle. 

It doesn't have stirrups! Riders would brace against the horns during battles to maintain stability while riding and fighting! That is so cool!
    I know I can't stay here forever, but I am learning so much and having such a great time. I will write more soon. 
         Little Elecktra


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