Thursday, October 21, 2021

Candyland Photo Show

      I don't eat sugar. I love candy, cake, cookies, ice cream, all sorts of treats. But I don't eat sugar. I eat low carb, which helped me lose a bunch of weight and also makes my joints feel better. It's hard. If I could eat whatever I wanted I would eat treats and bread all day long. So basically I gave up most of my favorite things. 
      Heather Malone hosts Candyland Live, which this year was Candyland Photo Show. I love model horse shows and I have loved being able to enter shows I normally would not be able to enter. So I entered Candyland. Mocha Latte did really well in performance and then got overall reserve (I think reserve) champion. The other day I got a big box of prizes from Heather. 
    One of the prizes was this awesome model sized rosette. I love it so much. I went to hang it up in my tiny tack room and see the string has fallen down. Grr. I will need to get that put back up. 
      Did I mention that almost all of the prizes for Candyland are candy? Are you actually surprised? Anyway, I ended up with a large horse pouch, a small horse pouch, a bunch of chocolate coins (those are the class ribbons), a big gummy bear on a stick, and a GIANT 5 pound gummy bear! That is a lot of candy! That is a lot of sugar...
     So why did I enter a show that has all candy prizes? Because I like horse shows. And it was fun. I was thrilled to pieces that Mocha Latte did so well. Now I just need to figure out what to do with all of my edible prizes, lol. I sure did get a kick out of my box of prizes though!

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timaru star ii said...

This is where the neighbors, donation boxes, friends and charity stores come in... (not to mention deep storage for whenever-next-BreyerFest-is...)

Love that cupcake fabric background! Is it Lynn's fault I'm much more aware of fabric patterns now?!?