Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Estate Sale Finds

     I really like flea markets, tag sales, and estate sales. Last weekend we went to an estate sale and I found a treasure trove of craft supplies. My needs are small (lol, because I make tiny dolls!) so I didn't grab tons of stuff, but I got enough to get excited about. I have a cutting mat, so I grabbed several rotary cutters. I have no idea what the difference is, so I grabbed a couple of different sizes. I can see them being a nearly essential tool for quilters, but I am not sure how I can use them in doll making. But I have the mat, I have the cutters, I'll figure it out. I also grabbed a bunch of in-scale print fabrics. 
There were so many plaids that are perfectly in scale for the dolls. I think I grabbed everything! I even ended up with a couple of duplicates since I was so excited for in-scale plaids. 
     I also got a variety of cool prints that are not florals. It seems that most model horse showers are not into florals. But I guess not a lot of real people are into wearing floral shirts, so I guess that makes sense. I got some fun geometric prints, which I may be the only person who likes them, I am not sure, and some other prints that are very subtle but fun. 
The black faux fur was because why not? The stripes called to me, though I am not really that into stripes. And the brick fabric is likely for my 1:9 scale dollhouse. The brick pattern is nicely in scale for the dolls and I can use it to make a "brick wall" in the studio when I do a set-up. I think it will be a fun way to easily change up the look of things. Now I just have to actually get some setups done. 
       It is 6:30 in the morning and I am very quickly throwing this post together because I didn't have one ready and I don't want to miss a day. It is day 8 of NaMoPaiMo and I still have not done more than the 2 layers on the base coat of my model. But I think it may finally stop raining today, and maybe I can find at least a couple of minutes to get some more done. 


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Anonymous said...

great finds, I can understand your excitement over the inscale prints.