Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Another Latte

     Caramel Latte made her performance debut in August of 2012 in More Fun Live, performance on the porch. She did extremely well in a variety of classes. Eventually she earned overall performance champ. The post on Mocha Latte took an incredibly long time to write, this one has taken a lot of time to gather photo. Since I am pretty sure everyone’s favorite part of performance posts are the photos I will mostly just let you enjoy the pictures.
     Caramel Latte has been shown in a large variety of classes over the years and I have, at times, challenged myself to come up with entries for every class, or nearly every class in a show. She is definitely a fun horse!

      Over the last 10 years Caramel Latte has been shown a lot, both live and in photo shows. In case anyone is curious, all of my Leggs models, which were sculpted by Liesl Dalpe, have Latte in their name. Years ago, when Liesl and I regularly got together to work, we would almost always have hot or iced lattes. It seems fitting that it should be in the names. I am hopeful that sooner or later I will be able to add some more Lattes to my collection!


timaru star ii said...

So you do have a harness -- my apologies. Carmel wins at 80 pix; Mocha only got 64. That's a lot of coffee.

Field of Dolls Studio said...

I HAD a harness, I do not own one currently.