Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Father’s Day

       Father's Day was on Sunday and Ethan was scheduled to work. He has not had a Sunday in almost 2 months. So that was a bit frustrating, but we are flexible. Elecktra came over in the morning and we had steak and eggs, did some Father's Day gifts and visiting. Then Ethan went off to work, we went to do some errands, and then went for a short visit with my Dad. The Father portion of Father's Day was sort of short this year, but I think the dads appreciated it. 
      I cut out some pieces for bareback pads and my two parade outfits I need to get into. The rest of the day turned into a sales post day. I got photos of the clothing items I needed to list on ebay and got all of the listings done. It's amazing/shocking the amount of effort ebay wants you to put into the listings. They recommend you put in a ridiculous amount of detail (they have drop down menus) but also that you list things for a pittance. Sorry ebay, I can't list this $150+ dress (which I didn't pay that much for, nor I am selling it for that much) for $6. Yes I realize it would likely sell faster that way. Anyway, I got a bunch of listings done and now those things can just sit until they sell or until I get tired of storing them and give them away. There comes a point where I just need to purge quickly. 
     I was also doing listings for my Not going to Breyerfest, Clarion, Facebook group. My "room" is 511 and I have a variety of things in there, with more to come. Currently I have some Breyers, a bunch of micros, and a few props. I am planning on digging through the props tote and potentially adding more to my "room". I may even go through the tackroom, who knows. 
     So I got a lot done, including a very long nap. The weather has been flip flopping again, and Sunday had higher humidity than we have had in a bit. It was a good day for a nap. But I was also productive, which makes me happy. Hopefully I can be productive with doll work this week. 

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