Thursday, June 10, 2021

Slow and Sort of Steady

     There are days, weeks, and months where I am incredibly productive and efficient. I get an insane amount of work done and everything comes together fairly easily. Right now I am not in one of those times. Right now everything is hard. Really hard. It all takes so much longer than it should. I finally fished this gaming doll the other day. She fought me almost every step of the way and seemed to take forever. I get pretty frustrated when that happens. But she is finally done. She has some fancy boots, an eye catching shirt, and a couple of removable items that make her more versatile. 
    At the customer’s request I gave her a removable helmet, so she could be safe while gaming. She also got a pair of removable cutting chaps. Now this lady is ready for a variety of classes. But she took me so much longer to finish than she should have.

      Basically what I made is a casual western doll and a pair of chaps. The most unusual thing were the boots. I have a bunch of tooled boot tops and I skived them thinner. 3 pairs later I finally managed to do a good job and not skive holes in them. I got them painted, sealed and that really was the most unusual part of the doll. But she fought me, a lot. But now she is finally done and I am ready to move onto the next doll. I don’t have anything unusual coming up, but I do have some interesting ones.

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