Friday, June 11, 2021

New Item

      Even though I have been sort of struggling to get things done lately, I have been working. Some of what I have been working on are mystery boxes for my next live sale (they will be cool!) and new items. For the last couple of sales I have been trying to come up with one or two new items each time. Sometimes I get some good ideas. One of my ideas was to make coats. People have been having fun playing with their dolls and sometimes a doll just needs a coat. I made this one for Little Elecktra when she stopped home for some updating. But when I tried to replicate it it was not working out well. I am pretty sure I can manage it, I am just not sure if I can manage it soon. But I will keep working at it.

      A big part of the problem I had with the doll coats was getting them to fit. I didn’t want something hugely oversized but too fitted is nearly impossible to get onto the doll. What I needed was something stretchy. 
       When the  new Ellie doll came out from KC’s Galloping Gals I wanted to make myself a new casual doll. Because who doesn’t want a new doll?  So I made Ellie jeans and a T-shirt and a “zip up” hoodie. It doesn’t actually have a zipper, but the material is stretchy and fairly easy to get on and off the doll. Sure she can’t close her coat, but at least she is wearing one.
     Unlike the suede coats I have been able to replicate the zip up hoodies. These will be available for sale at my next live sale, August14th. I really like how these came out!
     The last trick was finding material to make these. The material in the photos above came from Maire and I don’t have much of it. The first bunch of fleece I bought at Joanns for this project was WAY too thick! So I brought a sample piece with me and tried again. I found some fleece that is close. It may be a little bit thicker, but I think it will work. I’m looking forward to trying it out. I purchased a variety of solid colors and a really cool sort of tie dye purple. Hopefully the material will work and I can get some more hoodies made. Then I just need to hope that people like them.


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Danielle Feldman said...

Gonna need one of these... You just keep coming up with great stuff!