Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Performance Machine

     Are you ready for a TON of photos of Mocha Latte? Buckle up and enjoy 8 years of showing all in one place!

     Performance showing is hard. I absolutely love it, but a good entry doesn’t just happen, it takes work. Even an excellent horse, great tack and a great doll won’t just put itself together well. When I first got Mocha Latte (Loping Leggs resin sculpted and painted by Liesl Dalpe) she was not a performance machine. I believe I got her in 2014. I don’t think I showed her all that much for a while. The first show I have found with her in the results is Quabbin Valley Performance Open which was April 2014. She got 2nd in western pleasure. I don’t know if I just didn’t show her in another class or if she just didn’t place. 2nd was a nice start though.

     The next show she was in in was the Albany Area Regional Performance show, which was October 4th 2014. Mocha Latte got a 4th in western trail.

 A 5th in western pleasure.
And a 3rd in other western. To be fair I have no idea what else was on the table. 
      October 18, 2014 it looks like I showed Mocha Latte exclusively in western at the New England Performance Challenge. She got a 3rd in other western performance (no idea what event), 5th in arena western trail, and 1st in western pleasure stock type.
I believe the next show was QVPO in 2015. Mocha Latte got 5th in other western performance.
3rd in western games.
2nd in western pleasure stock type.
And 1st in a large arena trail class!

For the first time ever Mocha Latte had enough points to get to the champs. She got reserve champ and then overall reserve champ for the show.
My next show with Mocha was NEPC in October of 2016. She started out with a 2nd in speed games.
 Then 7th in arena trail. 
She then got 1st in western pleasure stock type.
   Mocha Latte then went on to win CM western champion!
The next show for Mocha Latte was the Region X Championship in November 2016. This show has champ/reserve and top 5 for all of the stakes classes. You need to be previously qualified for the stakes classes. Mocha got top 5 in other western.
Top 5 in western arena trail.
Champion in western pleasure.
And reserve champion in western games. That was a good show.
The next show was Baystate Models Live in August of 2017. Mocha Latte got 4th in dressage. 

      1st in English games
5th in hunt seat pleasure
3rd in jumper
2nd in English trail.
and 5th in other English. She is sort of more of a western horse I guess...
On to western! Mocha Latte went into other western with a western dressage entry. 
1st in western games with a jumping figure 8's entry (I should pull this one out more often)
    1st in Western trail

and 1st in western pleasure. 
Which got her Western champion. 

    She then went on to get overall reserve performance champion. Definitely a good show day. 

This next batch is from TRXC 2017. She got champion in English games. 
2nd in her maiden jumper class.
  then top 5 in jumper stakes. 
She also got champion in western pleasure. 

Next up, Southern New England Winter Round up 2018. Mocha Latte got a 1st in Parade. 
6th in other performance.
She got 2nd in English games. 
3rd in English trail. 
4th in other English
5th in dressage
1st in hunt seat pleasure
and 2nd in western pleasure. I have no idea if I missed any photos. It does happen. 
     These pics of from QVPO in April 2018. Mocha got 1st in parade
and 6th in western games. I don't know if I didn't put her in many classes for this show or if she just did really badly!
TRXC 2018 was the next chance to show Mocha Latte. She got champion in western games. 
Champion in western pleasure
champion in western trail
reserve champion in English games.
top 5 in other performance
reserve champion in jumper
top 5 in English trail. 
and champion in hunt seat pleasure. It was definitely a good show day!
This next group of photos are from the Long Island Model Horse Expo. Mocha Latte got 5th in English pleasure. 

1st in parade
4th in dressage
second in western pleasure
1st in western games
3rd in western trail
4th in jumper (and clearly these photos loaded out of order and I was too lazy to change them)
She also ended up with champ in other performance
and overall performance champion
The very last live show I attended was TRXC 2019. Mocha Latte got a top 5 in jumper.
Reserve champion in western games. 
And champion in western trail. 
     Clearly I have been doing really well showing Mocha Latte for the past 8 years. The last 2 years have been only in photo shows, but she usually does pretty well in those too. She is definitely a performance machine, and can do a bit of everything, and do it well. Though she doesn't always win, no one does. There are days when she doesn't do very well, maybe there was a tack issue. Maybe I screwed something up, it still happens. Maybe someone else just did better, that happens too. One thing is definite, I really enjoy showing Mocha Latte. And one other thing that I noticed from gathering 8 years of show photos together (besides the fact that writing a post like this takes a very long time) is that I really need to switch things up! I do a lot of the exact same things over and over again. Maybe the next challenge will be coming up with ALL new entries for Mocha Latte. That could be very interesting. 


timaru star ii said...

Is that a Danielle Hart braided bridle with the Corbett saddle?

Everything but driving -- !! A horse as versatile as Mocha could probably get her head around driving. They like new challenges, same as people.

Anne Field said...

Sue, that isn't a Corbett saddle (sadly, I do not have one of those, yet) it was made by Nikki Hertzog. But it IS a Danielle Hart bridle :)