Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Heat Wave

    We are currently in the middle of a heat wave. For the most part I don't care, because I am finally not cold. But it is rough going from 45 one week to 90+ the next week. By Friday it will drop back down to the high 60's or maybe 70. The weather has been rough on us. And it makes me tired. Yesterday was also tough because we had 86% humidity to start the day. Eventually it dropped down to about 60%, but then the rains came. And it was gross. SO humid and windows needed to be mostly closed. Have I mentioned we don't have air conditioning? There are only a handful of weather conditions that make me want AC. Over 90 with high humidity, with or without rain, is one of them. But definitely when it's raining. Anyway, in the morning I managed to look cute. I swapped my hair colors so I have purple on top and blue on the bottom again. I love it so much more than the blue on the top. I also really love my tropical print dress and my flamingo mask. 
     Oh, so I have a funny story about the heat. So I was sitting in first period yesterday and one of the freshman came in and started complaining that the principal really needed to turn on the AC in the school. I told him that most of the school doesn't have air conditioning. He was shocked. It was actually sort of funny! We have AC in some rooms and we have a lot of creative ways to keep things fairly comfortable in the rest of the school. And we share all the good ideas. We take care of each other. 
     For the last 2 weeks I have not managed to get much of anything done. I finished a couple of hunt seat dolls, finally, but other than that I have started on, and worked on things, but finished nothing. I have been helping Elecktra a lot, which does take some time. But mostly I am unproductive because the weather keeps changing so quickly. But soon I will hopefully finish up a couple of projects I have in the works. 
     In other news, the other day I discovered the horn in my car doesn't work! I already knew my air conditioning doesn't work (which would be nice when it is raining because of window fogging...) and now my horn doesn't work. So I have an appointment to get that taken care of. But it seems there is one thing after another these days. All of it takes up time. 
     Yesterday I found out our principal is leaving next year to be the new interim superintendent. I knew the superintendent (who is AMAZING) was leaving, and I was afraid for who we might get and afraid it might be our principal. Because she is really excellent to work for. I am sure she will do a fantastic job as superintendent, but now I need to be afraid of who we will get as our new principal. I guess all we can do now is cross our fingers and hope that whoever we get understands that the LHS staff is (mostly) family and that they need to take care of us. It's nice to know that the people you work for have your back. 

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