Thursday, June 3, 2021

Painted Minis

     I don’t own many mini resins. I am much more into performance than halter showing, and even though I have done mini performance I don’t love it. So mostly my mini horses hang out on the shelf and look nice. Some look nicer than others. This mini Copperfox pony was the first horse I did in pigments. She doesn’t have amazing shading but it was an interesting start into the world of pigments. Knowing what I do now I could potentially work on her a bit more and get her to be a bit nicer. I may even get into that sooner or later.
       On a different note, my mini Hazel painted by Nikki O’Neil is amazing. She could likely show well against the big horses, if I ever took her out to a show. But mostly she sits on the shelf and looks pretty. 
       My mini Scarlett is painted by Josie Burks (before she was Burks) and is another that just hangs out and looks pretty. I also have a deep love for the Scarlett resin and am extremely happy I could add her to my collection.
      Mini Brio was finished recently by Angelica (Nelson) Anzelmo. He is gorgeous and really should be shown. I should get pics and put him in a photo show at least. 
     Little Leggs isn’t painted yet but she is modeling the most detailed piece of mini tack I have ever owned. Little Leggs was sculpted by Liesl Dalpe and the bosal was made by Anna Helt. I now clearly need more mini tack from Anna.
      I don’t remember the name of this resin or even where they were sold. Equine I think. But I painted her a bunch of years ago. And I don’t hate how she came out. This was way before NaMoPaiMo, so I was winging it quite a lot at the time. She’s a nice little shelf piece.
    Mini Mira is another that was recently finished by Angelica. She’s such a fun little mare and makes me really happy. 
     Pixel was both sculpted and painted by Morgen Kilbourn Rossomando. I had a shelf accident during construction last year and she suffered a broken leg (or maybe it was another time...) which I did repair, just not perfectly. I really enjoy having pieces that were painted by the sculpting artist.
     Moxie was also done by Angelica Anzelmo, but many years ago. Angelica painted this same color pattern on a larger model for me at one point, but like many things I sold the piece to pay some bills. This little one is likely to stay in my collection forever.
    Lastly I have Partly Sunny. He was my 2021 NaMoPaiMo model, was done mostly in eyeshadow, and is easily the nicest and most detailed horse I have ever painted. He’s still likely not LSQ but I am very proud of what I did with him and I enjoy looking at him often.

     I shared Ranchita when she came home and other than her the only other mini resin I have is an unpainted Copperfox sport horse. I guess, for me, I do actually sort of have a lot of mini horses. And we haven’t even talked about the micros yet!

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