Friday, June 18, 2021


     Motivation is a finicky thing. On Wednesday I baked some bread because Ethan asked if I could. He had an idea for a low carb fluffernutter (peanut butter and fluff/marshmallow creme for non-New Englanders) and he of course needed bread to try it out. So I got out my soul bread recipe (no flours of any kind! Not even nut flours) and I made the bread. Ethan then used the Birch Benders vanilla frosting and sugar free peanut butter (you know, ground peanuts and salt) and ta-da! Low card fluffernutter. It is not identical to the real thing, but I have never met a low carb replacement that is. But it was pretty excellent. 
      I have definitely had some days where I struggle to get anything done. Or just don't bother to struggle. Recently I have been pretty good at getting things done. I made some new mini backpacks from the (proper sized prints) fabric I got in from Spoonflower. These are just a few of the ones I have finished so far. I have been pretty motivated. 
     I have also weirdly been wanting to customize something again. Just a Theory is currently hanging out with Breyer (in photos) as the judging for the Best Custom Contest goes on. He is also sitting on the shelf in my pantry, waiting for me to find him a better place to live. But my shelves are pretty full. Even with that the custom bug has bitten me. I spent a bunch of time recently thinking about who I need to cut up next. And Winx is the winner. 
     I was almost getting ready to order one from Breyer when I remembered that Joan Yount had one that she won. I asked if I could buy hers so I could chop it up and she laughed and said I could have it for shipping. Yay! So pretty soon I can start working on my next custom. I am going to just totally resculpt the neck on this one. Well see how that goes. For now I did a bit more work on the Andalusian mare I got from Jennifer Buxton. I don't even remember when I got her, but I wrote about my idea for the long term project back in November. I have done pretty much nothing with her since then. But I got her neck sanded a bit more, decided I wanted her tail lowered just a bit and took care of that, and I almost got some primer on her. But then I had to run out for a bit. So maybe today or tomorrow I can work on her some more. I think I want my CM Winx to be a chestnut. Which means I should probably learn to paint chestnut. That might be the color for the Andalusian. Now I just need to get her prepped. And maybe give myself a deadline. 

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