Tuesday, June 29, 2021

So Many Pins

     I don't make a lot of dressage dolls. Part of that is because while I love making fancy driving hats, I don't like to make top hats. And most people do still want top hats for their upper level dressage riders. I really love how she come together though, so I am considering making one for my live sale. I have to see if I get around to it or not. And if I do, I wonder if I will make myself make her a top hat. 
    Jennifer Buxton and I were chatting about bareback pads recently. She posted a photo of a really awesome one she will have available at her Breyerfest sale. She was saying she likes the girth part the best, that's easy for her. I wouldn't say the pad part is easy for me, but it's not hard. It just takes a lot of pins. This is actually the second step of sewing. I leave the back end open about and inch so I can flip it right side out and then I have to fiddle with more pins to get the ends to turn under and lay in a way that actually looks nice. I finally found a way that works fairly well for these. There are still a lot of steps to making bareback pads, but I don't dread this one. 
     I managed to get 5 more pads finished and now I am impatiently waiting for my ribbon order to arrive. I want to see if the 1/4" ribbon is actually the correct size to fit in the buckles I have. If it is, the other 4 pads I have not yet put buckles in may just get single buckles. I will have to redo a few things, but I would MUCH rather have the more typical single buckle on each side if I can manage it. Sometimes just getting the materials I need is a long process. 
     I think tomorrow I will post a surprise. 

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