Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sometimes it Doesn’t Work Out

      Over the years I have had a wide variety of different dolls ordered from me. I have made a variety of very unusual dolls and a lot of more typical model horse rider dolls. Some complex reference I can break down and figure out how to recreate it, at least sort of, in miniature. Some just doesn't work out. Sometimes I get a reference that I know is not something I can do, and I will say so. After 15 years I am pretty good at knowing what I can and can't do on a doll. 
     Recently I had an order for a parade doll. It started with a reference that I knew I could not duplicate, went into a back and forth discussion about colors and so on, approval for specific material, and eventually to most of an idea on my end. The end result was this parade doll. 
     I adore Swarovski crystals but I hate that they really do not photograph well. This doll is covered in Swarovski crystals. Setting this many flowers and crystals took a ridiculously long time to do. In the end though she looked very neat and the design was orderly (not something that always works out). 
     She is also incredibly sparkly! This short video (I can't figure out how to imbed a video in the post, but this is a direct link) will show her sparkle.
     Even with the planning and the work, sometimes these things don't work out. The customer doesn't like the doll. It happens. I don't love some dolls that I made, but the people that ordered them are over the moon about them. Some dolls I love and others do not. Everyone is an individual and we don't all like the same things. This doll just happens to not click with the customer. 

     So currently this incredibly blingy parade doll is for sale. $225 plus shipping. If she doesn't sell now (I am only posting about her here) I will just put her aside for my live sale, which will be August 14th. If she was in cream she would just stay with me. I need a new parade doll, but I have been thinking cream to go with my parade tack. And I still need a youth parade doll to go with my new pony parade tack. Maybe soon I will make a couple more parade dolls!

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