Friday, July 23, 2021

Pattern Making is Hard

      As the title of this post states, pattern making is hard. I guess that leads me into one of the things that often needs saying, that makes me sound selfish and greedy. There is a reason I won't give anyone my patterns, or even sell them. It's because pattern making is hard and takes a ridiculous amount of time. Then once you have a working pattern and use it for a while, you may realize that something needs to be tweaked. There are times that means a complete redesign. Pattern making is not easy. And it is often not fast. Also a pattern that makes sense to me, and works for me, might not even work for you. 
     Recently I decided I really needed to work on some new horse boots patterns. I have been making boots for years. The patterns I created make boots that are quick and easy to use. But they are not the ultimate in realism. Mostly this is OK, I am not a tack maker and having a fairly nice (and easy to use) boot is the majority of what matters to me. But recently I have been thinking about boots and realism... and I started working on a new design for open front jump boots. They are the boots that I like the least of the styles I make. So I got back into the process and spent several hours on one boot. And guess what? I still haven't finished it. I have a design that is partially finished but I don't have a totally complete design that works. I also got tired and a bit frustrated and decided to put everything away for a bit. 
     As I have mentioned at least once recently, and maybe more, I have been really thinking about pommel bags. And then I was also of course thinking about my regular saddle bags, with a set of pommel bags, and the miniature items, all together in one set. I do think I am going to do at least a few sets like that. It sounds fun to me. I am always afraid to make too many things at higher prices. I know not everyone can afford to spend a chunk all at once. But I also can't afford to undercharge. I try to find a balance. 
    Speaking of balance, I try not to make too many things that make me want to pull my hair out. I really like my hair after all. I quickly discovered while I was working on the little pommel bags that sure, I can make tiny little bags with flap pockets, and have them really open and have space for cool little miniatures, and it would be fully awesome. And I would make maybe one set and then no more. They are finicky and the results are kind of ugly, with glue in places it shouldn't be. I didn't like them at all. So currently my compromise is to make fake pommel bags, and only to go with the regular saddle bags. I likely (OK, possibly) might make some regular saddle bags without pommel bags, but I haven't even gotten to any bags yet. So we'll see. But I think doing faked (but cute!) pommel bags is good for my sanity. And time-wise they will also be much easier, which means I can make them more cost effectively and not totally hate doing them. Probably. My goal is to also make them so they work on English or Western saddles. And I guess also endurance by default. I haven't quite gotten there yet, but maybe soon. I keep getting distracted with other design projects. 


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Jamie Choe said...

I couldn’t agree with you more! Pattern making takes a lot of time and hard work but it’s definitely worth the effort!