Wednesday, April 20, 2022

All the Pet Food!

     Yesterday I thought about making a doll to go with the pink rose side saddle. I looked at it, hanging out in my tack room, looked at the doll drawer, and said nope, that's not happening. Then I thought about doing nothing, but that is a hard thing for me. So I decided to get back into the miniatures which I abandoned work on months ago. 
     I have a variety of things started, most of them for sets that are not finished. I need to make saddlebag stuff, and a few things to go in the pet sets. So I settled on glossing, constructing, and filling all the pet food bags. They have been printed out and sitting on the kitchen table, also for months. It was time to do something about it. 
     I glossed them, set them all over the table, and when they were dry I got to work. Do you know how long it takes to construct and fill 16 pet food bags? Approximately 2 episodes of NCIS and an episode of Heartland. But I managed it, even though I had to push myself a bit to finish up, and now the food is all ready for the sets. If anyone is wondering why the bags of food all end up in Ziplock bags, it is because if the top unrolls I don't want to food spilling everywhere. Who knows what the USPS will do to these things in transit!
     Yesterday was almost a nice day. Not quite. It was super windy, so while it was sunny and warmer than the day before, the wind made it just about as cold. Still not good hiking weather. I really want to go hiking. But Travis and I took a drive and got coffee together. It's not exercise, but we got to enjoy the sunshine without freezing to death. I am sure once we are back to school, and I have so much less time to go out and do anything other than work, the weather will likely get better. Or maybe it will just be awful and then turn to summer. Humid awful. I really am hoping for some nice 90 degree days with low (for us) humidity. That sounds wonderful. 

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