Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Working Cowboy

       I have been thoroughly enjoying my school vacation. Which does not mean I have not been working at all, don't be silly, it just means I haven't been going to school. Last Thursday after school (after my horrible day) I decided I just could not deal with doll work so Travis and I went out. Then we did the same on Friday. And it was nice. Some of the time it was even really nice weather. By Sunday afternoon I felt kind of refreshed. It was very cool. And I still had a week of vacation! This is definitely good news. 
      But I can't just totally stop working, though I guess I could take time off from doll work that coincides with time off from school. But honestly, what would I do with all that time? I have been continuing to purge things, though it has slowed some, and I made this cowboy. I think he's pretty cool. 
    He's got some chaps so he can participate in a variety of events. I think working cowboys like this are one of the most versatile dolls there are. But even western pleasure dressed cowboys have been known to show up in working classes. Much less than they used to. Things have gotten much more specialized and having the correct tack and correctly dressed dolls for every event is sort of a must now. 
      Yesterday I got to hang out with Crystal for a while, which was great! I have not seen her in months (I think months, I lost track of when I last saw her in person) and we got to hang out for a couple of hours. I needed that. So now I have had time off from school, time to work on something I decided to do just because I felt like it, time with my best friend... and I still have a bunch of days left of my vacation. This has been a really good week so far. Even though the weather got cold again. At least we didn't get any snow, like I know some people got. Gross. 


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Adah R. (Spotted Dreams Studio) said...

I have about 2-3inches of the white stuff. Sigh. I can't wait for fool's spring to be over so we can have real spring!
I'm glad you're enjoying your time off, and your cowboy looks great!