Monday, June 28, 2021

Western Dolls

      I have been working on a variety of things, all at the same time. I am working on orders, working on dolls for my live sale in August, and I am working on the smaller items, also for my sale. I still have almost 7 weeks before the sale and I actually have a reasonably good start on things. At least I don't feel I am behind on things. For once. So that is nice. I have a few days before summer school starts as well, so I can likely get a good amount more work done. Or I can get nothing done, Hard to say. 
      Last week I was working on this western lady for an order. 
     I was given the basics, the shirt color, removable chinks that would look good with the saddle pad the customer sent a photo of and brown hair. I really like how this lady came out. I also kind of want to make more removable chinks now.  
     I also made this casual western lady for my live sale. Her head is fully haired and her hat is removable. She should be a very versatile doll. 
      I have a very interesting western pleasure doll coming up and I am thinking I will likely also work on a western pleasure doll for my live sale. It has been working out pretty well to make a doll (or two) for an order and a similar type of doll to put away for my sale. I have also been working on the smaller items in between. So far I am not stressed, I feel like I am doing decently, and if I keep up this pace I should be just fine. 


Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been looking around and was wondering how to order a doll from you? Are your books open? Do you have a website or info anywhere? (I don't have facebook) Please let me know thank you!

Anne Field said...

My books are always open. Send me an email